Prompt, efficient and reliable services

We assure our clients of prompt, efficient and reliable services. To this end, we also endeavour to engross agreements within 24 hours of receipt of our clients’ instructions, which thus enables us side-track any monumental delay or incalculable financial loss which is prevalent by the ever volatile fluctuations imposed by dynamic market forces.

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Committed to improving the corporate image

we are firmly committed to improving the corporate image of our clients by giving opinions as to the appropriate modes of securing and preparing various legal agreements and   documentation which would adequately safeguard the interest of our clients, which is of paramount importance to us…

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Our clientele

Our clientele is both varied and broad based. It includes, Banks, Insurance companies, finance houses, manufacturing companies/Industries, small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), Oil and Gas companies, amongst others. We specialise in diverse areas of law practice including: Litigation at all courts of first instance and appellate courts, either emanating…