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Our Services

An insight into some of the services carried out by Capital Law Partners are summarily categorised as follows:

– Equipment leasing agreement, letter of accord and certificates of acceptance
– Legal mortgages, third Party Legal Mortgages
– Contract of Sale Agreement
– Joint Venture Agreements
– Fixed and floating Debenture
– Loan Syndication Agreement
– Mortgage debenture trust deed
– Deed of appointment of trustees
– Interbank lender agreements
– Tripartite trading agreements
– Deed of guarantees
– Deed of Assignments
– Memo randum of Deposits
– Domicilliation of payment agreements
– Hypothecation/lien agreement
– Letter of set off
– Intertenders agreement
– Lease agreements

Furthermore we assure our clients of prompt services to this end, we try to engross agreements within 24Hours